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Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

Downieville Classic 2014 photos

(photo above: Abby Hippely)

For those of you who raced the Downieville Classic this year, we had on hand Hunter and another awesome photographer, Zack. 

Here is the low down from our awesome friend and photo master, Hunter from Coldsteam Creative regarding this years photos of the Downieville Classic, 2014.

"Zack has just finished adding a few hundred more race photos, all of which are up on the Flickr page. These have all been  added to the Classic 2014 album and I've spent some time tagging each rider’s plate number so that they can find themselves. 

These images are downloadable in their full size, so they can download and print a high quality action shot of themself if they’d like. 

The images are not in numerical order in Flicker, but they are searchable by plate #. In quite a few cases, the plate #’s are only partial or are not visible. In these cases, I’ve tagged all of them as “UK” (unknown) and this term and search is also searchable. Thus anyone can search using the search bar in the upper right corner. Put in the plate # into the search bar and click on “Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship's photostream” option in the drop down box that opens to search for a particular plate #. If nothing comes up, search for “UK” or “uk" in the search bar and scroll through to see if there is a shot of you where the number plate wasn’t visible."  Read More »

Thank you TNT Plumbing

Perfect day with awesome people on an incredible trail. Thanks TNT Plumbing for sponsoring a productive and happy workday on Sardine Lake Trail in the Lakes Basin, thank you to Gray Eagle Lodge for providing a yummy vegetarian lasgna and thank you to the 25 motivated volunteers for your fine work on the trail, and of course, thank you to the Brewing Lair for keeping everyone refreshed and smiling. More photos of trail day here!


Lost Sierra 50k Endurance Run

Folks, the Lost Sierra Endurance Run is almost upon us. September 6th marks the date for the return of a running event that has quickly earned a formidable reputation for dishing out pain over the past couple years. The course remains the same - a 32-mile alpine grinder racking up around 7000’ of climbing as it picks its way up to and through the spectacular Lakes Basin above Graeagle. - but fortunately once again Sierra Nevada will be on hand with ice cold beer to ease the aches afterward. For those less inclined to push the limits of their suffer-meters, there are also two shorter loops (18 miles and a new, popular format 6-mile/10k course), run almost entirely along singletrack trail.

This event is a fundraiser for the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, and there is no better showcase than the Lakes Basin. This beautiful collection of alpine lakes and amazing granite geology is our home and our heart, and inspired us to found SBTS a decade ago in order to preserve this recreational gem for all to enjoy. Ironically, the Lakes Basin is also where we work the hardest. The trails here get hammered by nature’s full fury, and at the same time are chipped and hacked out of hard rock. We are proud to show off this region, and equally proud of the sweat equity that has been poured into these trails over the past few years. All the proceeds from this event go back into funding further trail work.  Read More »

Downieville Classic Celebrates Two Decades of Pain and Suffering and Awesomeness

The weather was scorching hot, the river was perfectly refreshing, and the party was one for the books at this year’s Downieville Classic. In addition to two days of intense mountain bike racing, event-goers were treated to a bustling expo, great food, plentiful New Belgium beer, two nights of great music, and a movie premiere.

On the racing side of things, Giant Bicycles were the weekend’s big winners with Carl Decker taking the men’s All-Mountain overall for the 5th time (based on a 3rd place in the XC and a blistering fast win in the DH), and Kelli Emmett dominating the women’s All-Mountain with emphatic victories in both the XC and DH. Course conditions were tough this year, with the rocky and dusty nature of the trails being heightened due to a lack of rain, making for a number crop of flat tires. Fortunately, most riders kept the rubber side down (if not entirely inflated the whole time), and the injury tally for this tough race was low and mostly minor.

Off the bike, attendees were treated to mechanical bull riding Thursday night, and the modern folk stylings of The Easy Leaves. Friday featured bike demos, and Friday evening saw the premiere of Trail Stewards of The Lost Sierra, a documentary by Hunter Sykes about us, and why we do what we do. We may be a bit biased, but we thought it was pretty darn good, and would love for you to watch it:  Read More »

Trail Stewards of the Lost Sierra

Our good friend Hunter Sykes (Coldstream Creative) premiered his documentary about the Stewardship during the Downieville Classic race weekend, at the Yuba Theater in Downieville. We want to say a lot more about this, for a lot of reasons. But for now, thanks everyone, for everything that has helped us get to here. And please, take a peek at this film and share it around.


Trail Stewards of the Lost Sierra from Coldstream Creative on Vimeo.

SBTS Volunteers Fuelled by REI

To say that REI understands what the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship is about is an understatement. For several years now, the outdoor company has been a solid supporter of SBTS and our goal of trail and restoration and enhancement for all users. REI understands the value of the great outdoors as a recreational resource, realizes the importance of access for all use groups, and believes in conscientious stewardship of that resource so that future generations can continue to enjoy the natural world.

REI has graciously awarded the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship a $10,000 grant for 2014. With this funding, SBTS will be able to feed and motivate our crew of several hundred volunteers. Those volunteers have put in tens of thousands of hours of work over the years, and will be digging trail at 12 workdays this year, from Auburn to South Lake Tahoe to Quincy. They will also be keeping things running smoothly at our banner events; The Downieville Classic, The Lost Sierra Trail Run, and The Lost And Found Bike Ride. Our volunteers are our backbone – because of them, we have been able to rejuvenate the Downieville and Lakes Basin trail systems, and because of them we are able to put on the world class events that showcase this gem of an area we are privileged to call our home.  Read More »

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

Formed in 2003, the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS) is a volunteer driven 501c3 non-profit whose primary goal is the maintenance and enhancement of trails throughout the Sierra. SBTS employs as many as 15 full-time employees, most of which are Plumas and Sierra County residents, with an annual payroll of right around $425,000. In addition to a paid trail crew, SBTS has donated over 40,000 hours of volunteer labor to National Forests and State Parks, maintaining over 150 miles of shared use trails, including the creation of 50+ miles of new trails. While these trails see over 200,000 users per year, they continue to maintain a level “A” standing, due in large part to all the hard work of SBTS staff and volunteers. This organization is not only a shining example of what a small group of dedicated, passionate people can do for an area, it is a demonstration of economic efficiency when no alternatives exist.

Local Happenings!

Join The Brewing Lair in celebrating 3 years! We love this brewery and their beer!

Good times, music, beer, and friends.

See you there!

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