Greg Williams

Executive Director

Greg leads the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. He is a descendent of a lost Miwok tribe and has spent his life living by the examples of his fore fathers–developing a passion for clean streams, big mountains and long trails.

Kyla Pascucci

Trail Programs Director

Kyla is Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship's new Trail Programs Director. She is from Reno, Nevada and has been working and playing in the Sierras all her life. After completing her Outdoor Recreation Leadership degree at Feather River College, she went on to study Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism at Colorado State University. Today she is proud to call Quincy home and enjoys exploring our local mountains by any means possible.

Henry O'Donnell

Project Supervisor

Henry was born and raised in Downieville and started riding mountain bikes at age 9. He's done trail work in the Downieville area for over 12 years. Henry has worked outdoors all his life doing logging and trail work. Some of his favorite things to do when he’s not working are riding mountain bikes, dirt bikes and snowmobiles, he also enjoy hunting and fishing. Check out our feature article and video; "The Story of Henry'O".

Marc Cosbey

Grounds Keeper

5 Americas cups, over 45,000 nautical sailed, two time Downieville Downhill champion masters division,trail builder, friend to Mike Ferrentino, proud friend of Henry & Troy. Greg & Heather Williams are the best friends a man could have. Zen master of nothing really!

Troy Morrisson

Trail Crew Leader

This is Troy and he gets paid to build sweet trails for the world too enjoy. He was born in San Diego and moved to Quincy in 1978 at 12 years old. Troy went on his first mountain bike ride in 2006 on the North Yuba trail for the SBTS spring epic. After that he started riding a lot and becoming very involved with the Stewardship. After graduating high school, he went into the Marine Corps were he was a forward observer for a 81 mm mortar platoon and a Desert Storm veteran. Troy worked at the Saw Mill in Quincy for years and even opened a bike shop. Troy has been married to wife Shannon for 24 years and together they have two beautiful kids. 

Marley Price

Development Director

Marley needed something to keep her busy after college basketball, so she got into road biking and became a stereotypical carb- and weight weenie. She had a nasty crash, rediscovered burritos, and then met a lovely man who introduced her to mountain biking - the rest is history.

Marley's been taking advantage of, and admiring all of the Stewardship's work for years now, and could not be more excited to be working with us. You know that fan that got pulled out of the audience to play drums for The Who, and then ended up becoming part of the band? It's kind of like that!  

Patrick Cavender & Mark Pecotich

Tribe Development

Raised by different mothers, Patrick Cavender and Mark Pecotich were separated at birth, yet seem to share the same brain and are known for amusing themselves and others with jokes and jokes and jokes. Known as Tenacious P’s, they're long time volunteers whose mission is to bring fun-loving people to our epic events and grow the SBTS Tribe. Turning all amplifier dials to 11!

Mitch Nuyens

Media Director

Mitch is a Novato, California native who has a focus on action sports and nature photography. His passion for mountain biking and the outdoors has led him to producing videos for the California Enduro Series and the Downieville Classic. He's often found peaking through a bush or clambering up a tree, camera rolling and ready for action.

Board of Directors

Jesse Passsfume


Jesse has been riding the trails in Downieville since 1994 and joined the SBTS Board in 2010. He is a former bicycle shop owner and loves to spend time in the mountains. As a former Sr. Executive in the financial services industry, he enjoys the business side of enhancing, restoring and building trails in Sierra and Plumas county. His greatest hope is that everyone will take the time to experience the joy of digging in the dirt in the mountains with fellow trail lovers.

Debbie Bonovich


Debbie has been going to Downieville to play in the dirt with her husband Chuck since 1992. She is the volunteer coordinator for the Downieville Classic and serves as the Board Secretary. 

Chris Feucht


Chris Feucht,AKA The Silver Fox serves as Tribal elder and Board President. He's a founding executive board member, guided the first SBTS Epic, has been improving trails since the first Trail Daze in 1996, and acts as The Voice of Reason.

Rob Bixler MD

Vice President and Medical Director

Bike, skis, raft, this Urgent Care MD will use any excuse to let gravity pull him down a mountain. Our wilderness medicine expert.

Advisory Board

Nica Lorber

Digital Experience Director

Nica helps with all things web and tech, and sometimes moonlights as a graphic designer. She's been volunteering with SBTS since 2007 and has helped usher the group into a new digital age.

Greg Carter


I work on member development and helping to ensure SBTS events are fantastic experiences for everyone involved. 

Leading a high school mountain biking trip to Downieville, I met the founders and was so impressed by the commitment to get young people in to learning about and enjoying the north Sierra forests. That was over ten years ago and my main SBTS job now is spreading the good word to bring more out-of-towners to our Stewardship region. I especially love the days we're building new trail.

When not on the bike, I'm in the workshop finishing construction of a large sailboat that should begin voyaging in 2015.

Ron Heard

Project Supervisor

Ron has been exploring the Sierra Buttes region since his dad first took him fishing on Gold Lake when he was 10 years old.  Every year, the family vacation included a visit to this exciting area.  The visits continued even after he got married (to Melinda), bought a house in Marin, and pursued a long-term corporate career in the publishing business.

In 2005, he made the move Plumas County, built a house in Clio, joined the local Volunteer Fire Department as an EMT/Firefighter and began devoting more time to his favorite trails in the greater Sierra Buttes area.  Mountain Biking, climbing, hiking, a few ski trips and the odd Moto adventure keep him busy enjoying the trails.

As an Advisory Board Member he is involved in mapping, trail building, advocacy, working with trail volunteers, writing the occasional grant and generally loving the fabulous trails in the Plumas and Tahoe National Forest.   

Zea Walton

Environmental Outreach

As a biologist, Zea provides the technical support in the assessment of wildlife resources, species, habitats and environmental impacts. She is currently on sabbatical in Norway chasing wolverines.

Marty Scheel

Voice of the Classic

Marty Scheel, The Voice of the Classic, became part of the Downieville Classic and SBTS family more than a decade ago. An avid MTB'er and outdoor enthusiast, Marty brings together industry partners that help the SBTS achieve its goals.

Rick Stock

Higher Ed & Moto Advocate

Rick is the Program Coordinator for the Outdoor Recreation Leadership program at Feather River College in Quincy. As an avid mountain biker and dirt bike rider, Rick has been enjoying trails and helping to build them since he moved to California in 1989.

Rick is married to Inge and has one daughter, Leta.

Kim Kaznowski

Equestrian Advocate

Kimberly is an avid cyclist, cross-country skier and outdoor enthusiast. She and her husband opened Howling Dogs Bike and Ski in Graeagle after retiring as a school psychologist. They live in Graeagle with their 4 dogs, 2 cats and 2 horses.

Johnnie Smith

Chief Electrician

Sponsor, volunteer, and chief electrician. John and his wife Terri became involved after a few trips to Downieville and a weekend at an Epic. John loves outdoor activities that utilize two wheels and mountain air.

Pete Hochrein

Plumas Trail Crew Designer

I recently retired as a Civil Engineer (transportation planner) with the Plumas National Forest. My last project included extensive trail location, construction planning and grant writing. One of my retirement projects is trail work on the Cascade and Hough trail systems out of Quincy. My goal is to help gain support for trail projects on the Plumas National Forest and help locate trails that bring people to Plumas and Sierra Counties. My wife Julie and I love to travel, hike, backpack, ski, mountain bike, road bike, run and spend time with our 3 adult daughters.

Hunter Skyes

Media Director

I produce film, video, and photographic content for SBTS. I am a founding partner of Coldstream Creative, a film production and policy consulting company that specializes in documentary films and promo videos on environmental, sustainability, and social issues. 

Erik Johnson

Volunteer Trail Crew Leader

Erik grew up in the great outdoors and can usually be found out on a trail somewhere either building, riding, hiking or skiing. He's been involved in trail advocacy since 1997. He's been involved with SBTS as a board member and crew leader since it's inception in 2003.