Trail Projects

New Smith Lake Trail

Where do we work?

The SBTS has numerous trail projects located throughout Plumas and Sierra Counties, and Plumas and Tahoe National Forests. The type of work performed by SBTS includes: maintenance, restoration, realignment, and our favorite, constructing new trail. SBTS has extensive experience, and an arsenal of equipment, for working on motorized trails, mulit-use trails and accessible pathways. And we're available for hire in the off-season.

Where does the money come from?

Projects are funded by a combination of: grant funding (County, State and Federal), donations, endowments, sponsorships, membership dues, Downieville Classic Mountain Bike Race, Lost Sierra Endurance Run, prize drawings, $1 for Trails program, $5 a Foot campaign, Adopt-A-Trail program, and proceeds from our Downieville / Lakes Basin Trail Map.

Another important and noteworthy source of funding has come through a dynamic friendship and partnership with Scot Nicol, founder of Ibis Cycles. Scot has helped us spearhead two incredible $5 a Foot campaigns, raising over $55,000 to help build Mills Peak Trail.

How do we get the job done?

The work gets done through a combination of our professional and locally hired Trail Crew, and dedicated hard-working volunteers. SBTS produces 10+ organized volunteer work days each year with work locations in the Plumas and Tahoe Forests. These Trail Daze events average 35 volunteers per work day (we have had as many as 206 volunteers at our 2010 National Trails Day venue). To date, SBTS has generated over 35,000 volunteer hours on local trails.

In 2012, SBTS employed 21 full-time employees (Plumas and Sierra County residents) with an annual payroll of $420,000. As part of our Challenge Cost Share Agreements with the US Forest Service, SBTS must supply an In-Kind match of 20% through the following methods: SBTS staff time, volunteer labor, equipment and tools, food for volunteers, and employee and volunteer travel.

Click on the links below to find out detailed information about completed, current, or planned projects.

Active Trail Projects

These are trail projects that are on the work schedule for 2013. Click to get project details.

Completed Trail Projects