2nd Lower Corral Trail Workday


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Jun 14 2014 - 9:00am
Jun 14 2014 - 4:00pm
Corral Trail, South Lake Tahoe

The SBTS and TAMBA crew have been really busy at work on the Lower Corral Trail project since May 5th. We had a super trail day on May 17th with over 60 fun loving volunteers but we still need your help. Come out and dig with us again on this trail day, and see the progress of this cool new trail in Tahoe!












• Lower Corral Trail will be reworked into a Flow Trail with purpose built fun features for mountain bike including high wall berms, rock jumps, tabletops and log rides.

• Corral Trail is one of the most accessible and popular mountain bike trails in all of Tahoe. The trail is suitable for everyone from beginners to expert riders. The trailhead also serves as a hub of the mountain bike community, close to the largest population center in all of Tahoe. Improvements to Corral trail have been made by the USFS in the past eight years primarily focused on increasing the sustainability of the trail. Now TAMBA will introduce new mountain bike specific elements on the trail that will further elevate the trail’s status.

• Once complete Corral Trail will be a model project for purpose built mountain bike features on a legal trail in a National Forest. Corral Trail will remain open to all current users including dirt bikes, mountain bikes, hikers and equestrians.

• The SBTS professional trail crew will be working side-by-side with TAMBA’s trail crews to build this new trail.

• Corral Trail will be open the entire time, although it is advised that people take an alternate route such as Incense Cedar Trail to avoid delaying construction activities. We are all very excited to be a part of this project and making something incredibly fun for the mountain biking community.

Timeframe: Construction will start Monday, May 5, and will proceed for approximately 4 weeks. The paid workers will be working 10 hours days Monday through Thursday.

Project Team: Henry O’Donnell – SBTS Supervisor… Kris Morehead – TAMBA Crew… Benny McGinnis – TAMBA Crew… Kevin Joell – Part Time TAMBA Crew… Ben Fish – TAMBA Project Manager... Jacob Quinn – USFS Project Manager

Saturday Schedule: Volunteer Trail Workday lead by SBTS and TAMBA crew

Meeting place: Corral Trail Parking Area

Directions: From town, take Pioneer Trail towards Meyers, turn left onto Oneidas Street, after passing a few houses this turns into a paved forest service road, follow for about 1/2 mile and park in dirt parking lot on the left just past the creek crossing.

Meeting Time: 9:00am

*After work party at Corral Trail Parking Lot with a prize drawing, so bring some cash

We provide for Saturday:

  • tools
  • breakfast (bagels and coffee)
  • sack lunch
  • afterwork party 
  • hard hat (or you may wear your helmet)

You bring:

  • backpack
  • Long pants & long sleeve shirts
  • water
  • layers
  • sunglasses/eye protection
  • work gloves
  • sturdy toed shoes
  • sunscreen
  • bike, and riding gear (if you want to ride)

Frequently asked Questions

Where should we stay? 

Here is a link to the Lake Tahoe Chambers website with multiple lodging  options. Below are some websites with camping info.

** If you decide to spend the night, all of these campsites are great spots.  Meet up with SBTS and TAMBA in the morning at Corral Trail for some quick refreshments and then head out for a group ride!

Camping by the Lake

Luther Pass Overflow camping 

Fallen Leaf Lake camping

Can I bring my kids?

Yes! We are a family friendly organization and encourage all families to bring their kids. 

Do I need any experience to do trail work?

Nope. No experience is necessary. We have experience trail crew and seasoned volunteers to help oversee and coach all new volunteers on trail building. You will be briefed and guided the whole way.

beer for event.

I am a brew master at the Brewery at Lake Tahoe. I may be able to supply a keg of local beer if you are interested give me a call at 925 487 3102 or email at canaliphotography@hotmail.com I am a local cyclist and would love to help out.

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