The Adopt a Trail Program provides a way for businesses and individuals to take a leadership role in trail maintenance.

Guidelines for this program are flexible to accommodate all interested parties. Our goal is to involve people who are invested in these trail systems, through whatever creative means necessary. Ways to participate in this program without cash contributions include donations of:

  • Products for raffles
  • Volunteer hours as contribution
  • Vacation rentals to house volunteers
  • Tools for trail work and implementing the $1 for Trails Program

If you, your organization, or your company are interested in adopting a trail, please contact Kyla Pascucci.

Adoption Guidelines           

Adopt-a-Trail | $2,500

You will receive a photo plaque of your trail and a trailhead sign listing you as the trail sponsor. These are official USFS signs. This is a yearly renewable program, and we ask that you consider a multi-year contribution. Commitment amount can be a combination of cash, volunteer labor, materials and or equipment donation.

Adopt-a-Mile | $1,000

You will receive recognition at the trailhead that accesses that mile, and a framed photograph taken from your adopted mile. This is a yearly renewable program, and we ask that you consider a multi-year contribution.

Adopt-a-1/2 Mile | $500

You will receive a certificate of recognition and a photo taken from the adopted 1/2 mile.

Adoption benefits

  • Preservation of historic trails and in some cases, construction of new trails
  • Ability to co-host a Trail Daze event on your adopted trail with friends, family and co-workers
  • Trailhead sign listing the name of your organization
  • Website listing
  • Image pairing and the association with trail system
  • Thousands of smiling and appreciative trail users
  • Adoption funds are 100% tax-deductible

Adopted Trails

  1. Sunrise Trail | Giro Sport Design
  2. North Yuba Trail | Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean
  3. 1st Divide Trail | Hoppy Brewery
  4. 2nd Divide Trail | Fox Racing Shox
  5. 3rd Divide Trail | Yuba Expeditions
  6. Pauley Creek Trail | Santa Cruz Bicycles
  7. Butcher Ranch Trail | WTB
  8. Big Boulder Trail | TNT Plumbing
  9. Downie River Trail | Paul Components Engineering & Paragon Machine Works
  10. Halls Ranch Trail | ABI Industries
  11. Fiddle Creek Trail | ABI Industries
  12. Bear Lakes Loop | Hangtown Electric(Johnnie and Terri Smith) & Chuck & Debbie Bonovich
  13. Gray Eagle Creek Trail | Gray Eagle Lodge
  14. Smith /Jamison Connector Trail | Woolly Notions and Williams Construction
  15. Long Lake Connector trail | Patagonia
  16. Lake Davis Trail | The Brewing Lair
  17. Smith Creek Trail | Sanford Chiropractic
  18. Jamison Creek Trail | Longboards Bar & Grill
  19. Mills Peak Trail | Ibis Cycles
  20. Smith Lake Trail | Mohawk Valley Associates
  21. Smith/Gray Eagle Connector | Graeagle Merchants Association
  22. Pack Saddle | REI
  23. Mt. Hough 8 Trail | Outdoor Recreation Leadership Program (Feather River College)